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How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online


If you’re looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby online, you’ll have a lot of options available to you. You can find tracks across the world and bookies that accept deposits and withdrawals. There are also betting options such as the Exacta box and daily doubles.

Exacta box

The exacta box is one of the best ways to increase your odds of winning. Exactas are more complicated to understand than a simple win, place, or show bet. If you can figure out the right combination of two or more horses to win, you can win big.

An exacta box can contain three to eight horses. You need to choose two of the horses in a specific order. It is a risky bet, however, and the payout depends on the number of horses in the race.

As the name suggests, an exacta box is a type of wager that pays out if one or more of the selected horses finish in the top two spots. This is a more complicated and expensive option than a straight bet, but the results may be more lucrative.

A trifecta bet is similar to an exacta box. For an extra fee, you can cover all three races for the day. However, this bet requires you to predict the order in which three horses will finish.

A similar but much less expensive bet, an each-way bet, will pay out if your chosen horse finishes within the top three. In this case, the payout is 1/5 of the cost of your bet.

To get started, you’ll need to make sure you’re playing legally in the state you live in. You’ll also need to sign up with a betting site, like Betfair, and provide a few details. Often, you’ll be required to give your first and last name, your phone number, and your email address. Some sites require you to provide a valid SSN and proof of age.

Finally, you should check out the form guide. It’s a great way to find out which horses are running well.

Daily doubles

If you are not familiar with the Kentucky Derby, it is a race for three-year-old Thoroughbreds that takes place annually on the first Saturday in May. It is the climax of the year for many horse enthusiasts, and the first event to be run on the Churchill Downs course.

The Kentucky Derby is the centerpiece of a two-day event that includes the Kentucky Oaks, which is run the day before the Derby. These events often feature a daily double, which is a relatively simple wager that requires selecting the winners of two consecutive races.

A daily double is similar to a pick 6 in that it has a minimum wager. However, unlike a pick 6, the winning ticket will share in the pool of money collected.

Daily doubles are not offered for all races on a card. This makes it an attractive choice for players who prefer multi-race wagering. Also, it is not as costly as an exotic wager like the Superfecta.

Daily doubles have their own merits, though. One of the best is a cold double, which is using only one horse in each race. You can save some money by excluding horses with less value.

A ‘cold’ double is the opposite of a ‘hot’ double, as the favorites in each race may not break even. To be on the safe side, you can avoid using a favorite if you think there are too many people betting on the same combinations.

Using a daily double as a guide, you can do a number of things to improve your odds of winning. First, use the wheel to pick a winner. Another option is to use a part-wheel, which allows you to eliminate horses based on your own handicapping skills.

Pari-mutuel system

If you’re looking for an online sportsbook for betting on the Kentucky Derby in New Jersey, you have two options. The first is a pari-mutuel system.

Unlike fixed odds, pari-mutuel betting is based on the amount of money that is wagered on each horse. After the race, the payouts are divided amongst those who placed their bets on the correct horses.

Pari-mutuel betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the U.S., and it is legal in many states. It is not limited to horse racing, however. A variety of other sports, including golf and soccer, also offer wagering opportunities.

As the sports world moves towards an online presence, sportsbooks are looking to boost their handle. Many of these companies have relationships with racetracks. This could mean that sportsbooks may begin to offer fixed odds betting on Kentucky Derby events.

FanDuel, one of the most popular online sports betting operators, is looking to expand its business into horse racing. They recently signed a partnership with Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI), the owner of Churchill Downs, the world’s most famous horse racing track.

The new partnership will give FanDuel non-exclusive sponsorship rights to the Kentucky Derby. CDI will provide technology and services to the company, and will grant it media rights to broadcast CDI-owned content.

Another reason why pari-mutuel is more appealing than fixed odds is because of the high takeout rates of this type of betting. Although a bettor doesn’t know how much to pay for a particular pick, the odds shift throughout the day. By the time the race starts, the odds have increased.

Some advanced bettors wheel their horses, which reduces the total outlay of a bet. However, the final payout is not known until the pool is closed.

Bookies that accept deposits and withdrawals

If you are looking to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby, you need to find bookies that accept deposits and withdrawals. This is a very important step in your betting. It allows you to easily withdraw your winnings after you win.

There are many online betting sites, but you need to find one that is legal in your state. A few states, such as New Jersey, allow online betting, while others do not. Luckily, you can find an online horse racing site that accepts your deposit and withdrawals.

You can place a bet on the Kentucky Derby by using the internet. It is not hard to do. Many online horse race wagering sites will offer welcome bonuses for new players. These can be free bets, risk-free bets, or deposit match offers.

The Derby is one of the most popular races in the world, with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake for first place. The Kentucky Derby is a flat race that goes one and a quarter miles. In the past 12 years, six of the 10 favorites have won the race.

When you are deciding which bookies to use to place your bet, you need to check the odds of the horses. You should also check the track record of the horse you are betting on. For example, if a horse has won the past five races, it has a better chance of winning the Derby.

Another thing to consider when you are deciding where to bet on the Kentucky Derby is the number of horses in the field. Every starter has a shot at being the Triple Crown winner. Horses in the field are purchased at prestigious yearling sales.

Tracks around the world

If you’re looking for a bit of horse racing action, you should consider betting on the Kentucky Derby. You can do this in person at the track or online. It’s a great way to take your pick of the best horses, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

There are two main types of bets you can make on the Kentucky Derby: place and show. Place bets pay out if your chosen horse finishes first or second. The amount of money you have to bet varies from $1 to $2.

For the show bet, you’ll be paid if your chosen horse takes first, second or third place. Depending on the odds, this bet can pay out a lot.

Choosing which horse to bet on can be a bit of a challenge. Check the form, the jockey and the horse’s trainer. Using videos of the horse’s past runs can give you an idea of whether the horse has been in good form.

The Trifecta bet is another option. This one requires you to predict that three of the chosen horses will finish in the correct order on the board. At a minimum, you’ll be required to wager $0.50.

While you’re at it, you can also bet on the Super Hi-Five. This isn’t for every race. Basically, you’ll bet on the first five horses to wire. That’s a pretty good feat, unless you happen to pick the first one to win.

A little bit of research can help you make your Kentucky Derby bets smarter. Read the race program, watch the videos and pay attention to how each horse has performed in the past.

Betting on the Kentucky Derby can be fun and lucrative. Just make sure you follow the laws of the state you live in.


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