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How to Cancel a Carnival Cruise Online


When you want to cancel a Carnival cruise online, you need to follow some simple steps to get your money back. You should know that you can either request a refund for money you have already spent on the cruise, or you can ask for cruise credits. But there are some limitations and it might take forever to get a response from Carnival Cruise Line.

Cancellation of Carnival cruise due to COVID-19

Cancellation of Carnival cruise due to COViD-19 is not the only issue affecting cruising this year. The ship Carnival Freedom, which has an undisclosed number of cases of coronavirus, has also changed its itinerary. The ship is now prohibited from calling at the ports of Bonaire and Aruba, and the company is working to find alternate destinations. The same is true for Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas, which has also canceled port calls due to the same virus outbreak.

While Carnival’s cancellation policy is less flexible than the previous one, passengers who have been diagnosed with the virus are entitled to a 100% refund of their cruise fare. However, passengers must notify Carnival within 24 hours of testing positive for the disease. Moreover, the passengers should present proof of the positive results. If they are not positive, they will receive a refund based on the standard cancellation policies of the company.

When a passenger cancels a cruise due to COVID-19, they are entitled to a refund or a future cruise credit, depending on the type of ticket purchased. This credit can be used toward a future cruise or onboard spending. Unlike the other options, Carnival does not refund passengers who do not show up or are not fully able to board the ship. This is why travelers should obtain trip cancellation insurance. The policy should include coverage for COVID-19.

If you want to cancel your Carnival cruise due to COVID-19, you should contact your cruise line as soon as possible. Many of the lines will give you a full refund if you test positive for the virus. If the outbreak is severe enough, you can even get a free future cruise credit to use on another trip.

Cancellation fees

The cancellation policy at Carnival Cruise Line has recently changed. It now has two different cancellation policies for cruises that are cancelled by the company and sailings that are further out. The cancellation form is a useful tool to help you understand your options. It also acts as a communication tool between you and the cruise line.

The cancellation policy at Carnival Cruise Line is flexible and gives you the option of getting a refund or a bonus on board credit if you cancel your cruise. The cancellation fee is usually waived, but it is important to check the details before you pay. You can also get a Future Cruise Credit in case of a cancellation.

The refund policy at Carnival Cruise Line depends on the length of your trip, the type of fare you purchased, and the time frame you choose to cancel your reservation. For some special pricing cruises, the refund policy is stricter and you may not be eligible for a refund. The best option is to get an onboard credit instead. However, you should note that there are limitations on this credit.

There are several exceptions to the cancellation policy at Carnival Cruise Line, but it is still worth checking. Some cruise lines charge a cancellation fee for a non-cancellation, regardless of the reason. Some cruise lines charge a flat-rate fee, while others charge more depending on the type of cancellation. If you cancel your cruise after January 14th, you’ll still receive a refund if the other party cancels, but you may still incur a fee.

Limitations of booking a carnival cruise

There are some limitations to booking a Carnival cruise online. Although it may be convenient to book a cruise online, you must consider the following considerations: First, your personal information will be shared with Carnival. They will use it for processing your booking and to ensure your travel arrangements. If you don’t want this information shared, you should make sure that you give them written notice.

If you’re pregnant, you may have to check with your doctor before booking. The ship may not have adequate medical facilities to deliver your baby. You’ll also need to arrange delivery of your medical equipment prior to embarkation. Also, you’ll have to make sure you have enough medicine to last the entire voyage. And because Carnival ships visit many ports in different countries, you’ll need to have recommended vaccinations and medications before you travel. Make sure you inform Carnival of any health issues you have before booking, too.

When booking a Carnival cruise online, make sure to enter all the required information. Make sure you’re at least 21 years of age. If you’re under 21, you’ll need to show proof of age or marriage before boarding. Otherwise, you’ll be denied boarding.

Unless you’re traveling by air, you can only bring a limited amount of luggage on board. Carnival will not reimburse you if you’re caught with items you’re not allowed to bring. You should also check the rules of your airline when you book a Carnival cruise.


If you’ve booked a trip with Carnival Cruise Line, you may wonder how to cancel your trip online and get refunds. Usually, you’re left with two options: monetary refunds or bonus onboard credit. Carnival’s onboard credit is good for up to 180 days, but it isn’t a guarantee. In some cases, you can get a refund if the cruise is canceled for mechanical or weather reasons.

In addition to using the online system, you can also call the cruise line’s customer service representatives. The numbers on the phone are blocked by many confused customers, so it’s important to call and speak with someone who can help you. You can find the numbers to call on Carnival’s website or in the cruise line’s brochure.

To avoid any complications with your refund request, make sure to read the cancellation policy carefully. There are some specific deadlines to meet before you can receive a refund. You should also be aware of the final payment date for your booking. If you’re unsure, ask the cruise line to give you a refund in the form of future cruise credit instead.

It’s best to purchase trip cancellation insurance before booking your cruise. This way, you can be sure you won’t be forced to pay for a cruise you don’t want. Carnival offers a trip cancellation insurance plan that will cover you in case of emergency or medical situation. The policy covers all the most common reasons for a cruise cancellation. It also offers a 75% future cruise credit certificate.

Refunds for cancellations made 91 or more nights before sailing

When you cancel your cruise more than 90 days before the start of your cruise, you will not receive a full refund. If you cancel 91 or more nights before sailing, the cancellation policy is much stricter. You must make all payments prior to sailing and you must cancel within seventy-one days of your departure date to receive a full refund.

Limitations of booking a carnival cruise with DoNotPay

If you have booked a Carnival cruise using the DoNotPay method, you should be aware of the limitations of using the service. These limitations include a possible prohibition on future cruises by Carnival Cruise Line. In the event that your payment is declined, you will be contacted by email, and you may be asked to pay a nonrefundable amount.

However, there are ways to dispute any issue you may have with your booking. First, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC website has a section where you can report problems with a specific company. If your complaint is found to be legitimate, the agency will investigate it. During this process, you will need to provide the FTC with your name, account information, booking numbers, and other relevant details.

Another limitation of booking a carnival cruise with DoNotpay is the fact that you are giving up your right to privacy. This means that your photos and videos may be filmed by the company. Those pictures and videos can be used in the company’s advertising campaigns. If you refuse to cooperate, your booking will be automatically cancelled.

If you decide to book a Carnival cruise with DoNotPay, you should know that the company has a right to cancel your cruise for any reason. If you cancel within two weeks of embarkation, you will be owed a refund of at least some of your money. However, you should note that you will not be able to claim a refund for your airfare home if the cruise is cancelled.


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