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How to Check HP Laptop Serial Number


HP laptops are manufactured with a serial number attached to the sticker underneath. The number is usually found after the prefix “S/N” or “Serial Number.” If you can’t find the serial number, you can look under the battery compartment. Remove the battery from the laptop and look underneath.

Find your HP laptop’s model number

If you’re having trouble with your HP laptop, it’s easy to find your model number. Model numbers are printed on the rear panel of your HP laptop, and you may find them printed on its packaging. If you’ve removed the battery, you may also find a label with the HP logo and model name on it.

In order to find your HP model number, first you need to find the serial number. This is usually printed on a sticker that’s located on the bottom of your HP laptop. If the serial number doesn’t appear on the sticker, you can also look on the sales receipt. The serial number will be printed right next to the product name.

The serial number is important because it helps identify a specific HP product. Your serial number will tell you when your product was manufactured, and what hardware was used to create it. If you ever need to contact HP customer support, you’ll need to provide this number. You’ll also need it if you need to check the status of your warranty.

Once you have the serial number, you can use the HP Support Assistant to locate your model. To open the HP Support Assistant, click on the “Start” button on Windows and type “HP” into the search box. Once you see the results, select “HP Support Assistant.” It will open a window that shows the model number and other information.

If you’re unable to locate your laptop’s model number, you can also look at its service tag. It should resemble the picture shown above. Write down this information so you can reference it when searching for drivers and other hardware. Next, shut down your HP laptop by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

You can also find your HP laptop’s model number by accessing the Command Prompt and typing a command into the text field. If your notebook does not display a serial number, try pressing the Windows key and the letter X simultaneously. Then type the command you’re looking for. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts CMD, Function, and Escape keys to get to the Windows Start button and type a command in the box.

The model number and serial number can also be found on the bottom case of your laptop. The model name is often printed on a laser-etched cover or sticker. Once you’ve found these, you can use the BIOS software to get the information you need. Once you’ve downloaded the program, you should be able to retrieve the model and serial number from the system.

Perform a warranty check

In order to perform a warranty check on an HP laptop, you’ll need to have your laptop’s unique serial number. This can be found on the sticker or code on the back of your device. You can also find it on your battery or on a piece of proof of purchase. After you have this information, you can visit the HP Support Assistant. You’ll be given step-by-step instructions on how to enter your serial number and perform a warranty check on your HP laptop.

If you are worried that you may have accidentally deleted your HP serial number, you can check its status by using the HP Warranty Check Tool. This is a simple web tool that lets you check the warranty status of an HP product. You’ll be required to enter the serial number and country in the appropriate fields. Once you’ve done this, you can click on the “Check Warranty Status” button and view the warranty status of your HP laptop.

You can also use the HP serial number lookup site to perform a warranty check on your HP laptop. This site lets you check the warranty status of up to 20 computers at once. You can even select the type of warranty that HP offers. By using this site, you can get the warranty status of your HP laptop in a matter of seconds.

If you own an HP laptop, it is a good idea to check its warranty status as soon as possible. From minor scratches to battery-killing nightmares, HP laptops can go through a variety of problems. Knowing whether or not your HP laptop is covered by a warranty is crucial to knowing when you’ll be able to access help. And the HP Support Assistant is the easiest way to check this information.

HP laptops come with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing and material defects that may prevent the proper operation of the HP laptop. You can even purchase an HP Care Pack to extend the warranty. Just make sure to purchase this service within 90 days after you purchase your laptop.

If you are unsure whether your HP laptop is still covered by a warranty, it’s important to check your serial number. If it’s not listed, you can still contact HP and ask for help. If you need to repair your HP laptop, you’ll be required to provide your serial number.

You should be aware that the warranty period on HP printers is not unlimited. It lasts until the HP ink runs out. Once the HP ink runs out, you’ll have to pay for a replacement or repair. If you need to replace the printhead, the warranty is no longer valid.


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