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How to Install Mods in Skyrim SE


There are many ways to improve the performance of your Skyrim game. You can use mods for better combat AI, better NPC dialogue, Immersive Weapons and Armor, and even create your own mods. If you’re interested in installing mods, this article will show you how to do it.

Improved combat AI

Improved combat AI in Skyrim is a game modification that makes combat more tactical and realistic. It makes enemies use better strategies and adjust their intelligence according to the type of enemies they’re fighting. This mod is made by Erkeil and is compatible with most popular combat mods. It improves the combat style of all enemies, including Mages and Warriors.

It also makes enemies more realistic and challenging. Dwarves, for example, will now use their ears and power strike more often when their Health is low. They’ll also be more cautious when fighting, as any mistake will lead to death. Also, the combat style of NPCs has been tweaked based on the game’s lore and current data.

A new companion is now available for Skyrim: Arissa. A well-made NPC with over 450 lines of dialogue and a substantial backstory, Arissa is an excellent companion and a great addition to the game. Despite being an NPC, Arissa does not use the normal follower code. This means that she can accompany you even if you do not have the Multiple Followers mod installed.

New battle mechanics have been introduced in Skyrim by retooling the combat system. As a result, the use of armour becomes more important, and a good shield can negate many attacks. The new combat system includes a stamina bar, which represents balance in combat. As a result, players can take a more strategic approach to battle.

Another major feature of this mod is a new dodge mechanic. As a result, you can dodge enemies without risking too much stamina, which makes combat more exciting and challenging. In addition to the improved combat AI, Enai Siaion also made the combat AI more similar to Dark Souls, making it more difficult and grueling. This mod is not a perfect replacement for the original game, but it is an important addition to the game.

Other important additions to this mod include a different kind of NPC, a unique set of armour and weapons, and the ability to warn you of dead sabre cats. Another new feature is the ability to track enemies and target them with weaponry. All of these modifications will help make combat more realistic.

Better NPC dialogue options

In Skyrim SE, the game has more options when it comes to NPC dialogue. Traditionally, NPCs were static during conversations. This has been changed with the “Dialogue Animation Remix” mod. This mod adds over 30 new gesture animations that vary depending on the situation and personality of the NPC.

Besides making the game more chatty, this mod also adds new dialogue to Skyrim. There are over 5,000 lines of dialogue in the game. The creators of this mod used previously existing lines and spliced them together to create new lines. The new dialogue will change the way NPCs and followers talk to you.

To change NPC dialogue, players can use the /dialogue command. This command will change the dialogue used by the NPC in a scene file. /dialogue change requires a behavior pack and a scene file. It must be run before the player initiates contact with an NPC.

Another useful feature of this command is the ability to target NPCs. The /dialogue command has two modes, which are “open” and “close” modes. The former will open the dialogue box and the latter will close it. You can also use this command to open a dialogue box in a non-player character’s view.

Angi is another NPC that will be helpful when you are a Dragonborn. However, she is also hiding from the Imperials. Her parents were murdered by scoundrel soldiers, so she may have some issues with the law. In addition to being helpful, Angi will sometimes provoke combat, so it’s a good idea to engage in combat with her if you’re a Dragonborn player.

Immersive Weapons and Armor

Immersive Weapons and Armor in the Elder Scrolls III video game adds tons of new weapons and armor to the game, and they change the way that you play. Each weapon has five identifying statistics that affect its stats in different ways. You’ll also be able to use weapons from different parts of the Elder Scrolls world.

In addition to adding more weapons and armor, this mod also adds material advantages to them. These include higher damage per second, more stagger when power attacking, and more critical damage. This mod is a great way to improve your gaming experience. You can install it to make the game even more immersive and give your characters more reasons to use them.

The game also lets you enchant weapons and armor. Enchanting your armor increases the stats of your characters and adds new types of protection. But be careful not to enchant your armor with invisible vertices. This will mess up wound textures. The good news is that Immersive Weapons and Armor in Skyrim is a free mod. While you can find new weaponry in the game world, you can also craft new ones in the forge.

Another great addition to Skyrim is the mod for Skyforge weapons. Skyforge weapons have some of the most magnificent steel in the game, and this mod will make your Skyforge weapons look even better. You can get the mod by going through the Companions questline.

Skyrim has a lot of artifacts of lore. Many of these objects are fabled and have specific uses. These fabled items can help you explore the rich world and learn new things. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in Skyrim’s lore.

This mod adds more variety in Skyrim’s weapon and armor appearance. It adds high-quality meshes and textures to your weapons, and you’ll have an array of new options for the lore of your character. These weapons and armor will give you something unique to aim for, which adds to the immersion.

Creating your own mods

Skyrim se has tons of content, but you can add your own by creating your own mods. You can create a quest, change characters, or add more spells to the game. These mods can also fix critical bugs. You can also add more content than you can get from the official DLC. In fact, you can change just about any aspect of the game, from magic to roleplaying.

While modifying Skyrim will increase its appeal, it’s important to be careful. Some mods will break your game if you put them in the wrong order. It is best to test the mods one by one to ensure they are working correctly. You can use tools like Mod Organizer 2 and Load Order Optimisation Tool to help you with this.

Another useful tool for creating mods for Skyrim se is xEdit. XEdit allows you to combine multiple mods into one file. Besides that, it can also clean mods if they contain duplicated data. These tools will help you to create mods that will improve the game’s stability.

Besides adding new features, you can also improve the game’s visuals with the right mods. A good example of a mod is Enhanced Natural Beauty, or ENB. This mod improves the quality of scenery and makes it look more real. It is not recommended for people playing on consoles, but if you have a PC, it can be a great option.

Another mod is Duel. Duel changes combat, putting more emphasis on armour and blocking attacks. It also improves the stealth system. In addition, it also allows you to hide your identity and stealthily sneak past enemies. With this mod, you can even add new stealth tools to your character.

Another important tip for creating mods for Skyrim se is to load them in the correct order. This will avoid crashes and incompatibilities. Many mods have incompatible features, so you need to be careful when you load them. A mod’s compatibility issues can lead to a game crash, or even break quests.


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