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How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Going


How to keep a long distance relationship going can be tricky, but there are some steps you can take to ensure your relationship stays healthy. These include establishing clear communication and regular check-ins. It can be difficult to discuss these things, but they will become easier to establish and enforce. It is also helpful to establish check-ins so you can be sure your boundaries are still being respected.

Avoiding drama

In a long distance relationship, communicating can be a challenge. The differences in time zones, sleep times, and professional and personal commitments can make it difficult to meet up regularly. This can also lead to overlapping expectations and long distance relationship drama. However, it is important to keep in touch with your partner despite your separated locations.

Trust is a fundamental component of any relationship. When a couple feels mutual trust, there’s less chance of drama. However, distance relationships can lead to feelings of jealousy and doubt. While these feelings are understandable, avoiding conflict with your partner can help you overcome them.

Creating check-ins

When you live far away from your significant other, you’ll have to create an action plan to keep in touch. Even though the goodbyes can be painful, it’s still important to communicate with each other. There are three types of check-ins that you can use to keep the relationship alive.

A final check-in is the best kind of long distance relationship check-in. Ideally, this will occur a few months before the long-distance relationship is over. This will give both of you a concrete goal to aim for and a light at the end of the tunnel.


While you’re separated from your partner, flirting can keep the relationship alive. One way to do this is to send flirty text messages. Talk about the last time you saw each other or daydream about the next time you’ll see each other. You could even describe what you would like to do for your partner. It’s important to make the other person feel the same way.

If your partner lives in another city, try using Skype to make flirting a reality. If you can’t get together, try sending them flirty e-cards or care packages. Sending flirty messages to your partner is an easy and fun way to flirt even if you can’t see each other.

Besides texting, you can also send letters or share scrapbooks. Some people find getting a letter in the mail brightens their day. Even if it’s not a physical letter, a scrapbook with pictures can help make your partner happy.

You should also remember that long distance relationships require open communication between the two of you. Although it’s difficult to communicate with someone far away, it’s essential in order to keep the relationship alive. You should also keep in mind that the relationship is likely to come to an end one day. Be open and honest about issues to avoid resentment and disconnection.

Taking care of yourself

Self-care is essential in any relationship, but it is even more important in a long distance relationship. The distance component of a relationship can bring on anxiety and depression. It can also awaken fears and insecurities that may manifest in inappropriate behavior. Luckily, there are ways to deal with these challenges.

The first step to coping with long-distance relationship is to stay connected with friends and family around you. This means staying involved with local clubs and activities, volunteering, and taking exercise classes. It will also help you build a sense of routine and prevent you from feeling lonely.


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