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How to Roll Craps Dice


Pass line

When it comes to playing craps, a player must know how to place bets on the Pass line. This is the central part of the game. Players can make one bet or two. Depending on the rules of the local casino, they can make their bets on both the Pass or Don’t Pass lines. However, in many casinos, only one bet is allowed.

Craps is a fast-paced game that is played with two dice. Each dice is rolled over the layout of the table. The dice are then offered to the next person for their Come Out roll. On each roll, the dice are rolled to the next player in clockwise order. A point is established on the come out roll and the game moves on.

If a player wins, the player receives a payoff that is equal to the odds bet. These odds bets are paid at true odds. In addition, players can bet on odds behind the Pass line. This type of betting is known as “taking it down” in the game of craps. It allows players to increase the odds of winning while the Pass line bet is in play.

In order to win on the Pass line, the shooter must roll the point number before rolling a seven. If the shooter rolls a seven or 11, the pass line bet loses. Alternatively, if the shooter rolls a two or three, the pass line wins. During the first roll, a Pass Line bet has an advantage of two to one. Once the Point has been established, the Pass line bet has an advantage of two to one as well.

Some casinos also offer the chance to make a Come bet. The Come bet is similar to the Pass line bet except that the player must make the bet after the point has been established. To do this, the player must either bet the table minimum or the table maximum. For example, a Come bet of $1 is the minimum and $2 is the maximum. While the house edge is the same for both types of bet, the odds are different. Compared to the Pass line, the odds for a Come bet are much higher.

Many players who play pass line bets also make a come bet as a form of insurance. They hope that the shooter won’t pass the dice on the pass line. Even though the odds for both bets are the same, the come bet will offset any losses that the pass line bet may cause. Unlike the pass line, the come bet can only be made once per roll.

Another option for passing the dice is to make a put bet. A put bet is a bet that allows a player to increase his odds on a Pass line bet after the Point is established. There are only a few disadvantages to put betting: it is only available after the Point has been set, the odds are not independent, and the house edge is sometimes bigger than with place betting.


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