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How to Use Mlife Points


If you are wondering how to use Mlife points then you have come to the right place. Whether you are a gamer or not, there are many different ways that you can earn points through the company. For gamers, the main way that you can use these points is to play games. You can also take advantage of the Express comps and the Tier credits that are available to you. In addition, you can get Holiday gift shoppe points.

Base points

Mlife base points are earned on purchases made through the M life Rewards MasterCard. They are also earned when playing slot machines or table games. If a member earns enough Base Points, they can convert them to Express Comps.

A customer can exchange their points for discounts and rewards. The program is designed to reward repeat business. One point equals $1 in free play or $10 on specialty games.

Platinum members receive 30 percent more Tier Multiplier, plus 15 percent off retail purchases. Pearl M Life members enjoy a 10 percent bonus on points. These members also get self-parking and buffet passes in Las Vegas. In addition, members have access to VIP line access at participating clubs.

During the holiday season, players earn Holiday Gift Shoppe Points. They can redeem these Points for discounts at participating MGM Resorts International shopping events. Members can also accumulate Base Points at participating Las Vegas destinations.

When a member earns $800 in non-specialty slot game, they are awarded 266 Tier Credits. These are redeemable at a variety of locations, including the Holiday Gift Shoppe, online, and at select retail establishments.

The program is free to join. M life offers five tiers. Each tier offers increased benefits, such as increased base points. Players can also bank their points for future use. Sapphire, for instance, allows express comps to be redeemed at any location.

Express comps

You can use M life Rewards to redeem a number of special offers. Some are property specific, while others are general offers for any MGM Resort or casino. Depending on your level of loyalty, you may receive additional special offerings.

Aside from the typical hotel and dining discounts, you can now receive a discount on resort fees for participating properties. Additionally, you can use your points to purchase tickets to events at any of the MGM Resorts properties. Lastly, you can use your M life card to earn tier credits on your purchases. This can help you keep your points from expiring.

One of the best ways to earn rewards is to visit a casino and play your favorite games. When you do, you can earn tier credits and Express Comps. These comps are awarded based on the time you spend playing. The higher your tier status, the more points you can earn.

For slots players, you can redeem FREEPLAY, which is a small gift from the casino. POINTPlay is a more advanced reward. It gives you more FREEPLAY and provides you with a special reward in the form of a free spin or bonus. In addition, you can use your points to gain access to VIP lines at many of the clubs in Las Vegas.

In the past, MGM Rewards earned 8 Tier Credits per dollar spent. However, the new earning rate puts spending at all properties on the same level.

Holiday gift shoppe points

M Life Rewards is a player loyalty program that offers members a suite of benefits. This includes special promotions and bonus periods for slot play. Its MVP perk is an additional perk for military personnel. Besides that, the program has a variety of promotional partners to help you score your share of the coveted good life.

The M Life Rewards program is free to join and requires no minimum amount of time or money. The perks include an elite rewards program that includes exclusive events and prize packages. You can also win some serious swag and a hefty cash prize. In addition, you can enjoy a multitude of freebies in the form of food, drinks and more. Among the numerous benefits, you will also receive a monthly magazine featuring articles and tips from experts in the industry. Lastly, you will have access to a comprehensive calendar of events, including the annual PPAI Expo.

To get your fill of M life Rewards, you can head to a participating casino near you. For that matter, you can also take a short flight from your home city to Las Vegas. Luckily, the program also offers a free airport pickup service for all of its members. With that, you can pick up your prize package on the same day as the event. However, you may not receive the same perks if you are flying in from outside the U.S.

Tier credits

M life Rewards has changed its earning structure, but still offers a number of exciting benefits. This program allows members to earn points for activities such as casino play, dining, spa services, and hotel accommodations.

Earning Tier Credits is a great way to qualify for a higher status tier in the program. These credits are earned for all spending, including video poker, table games, and incidentals. The amount of credits needed to reach a higher status level depends on the region. For example, the program’s Las Vegas properties and hotels will reward 25 Tier Credits per dollar spent on non-gaming spending.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, you can use your tier credits to get free play on the slots and slots tournaments. You can also receive express comps for restaurant dining and spa services.

You can also redeem your tier credits for merchandise, hotel stays, and concert tickets. You can even get free nights at participating MGM resorts. And, when you reach a certain tier, you can even take advantage of MGM’s free 4 pm late check-out.

Another new feature is the $100 Tier Status Dining Credit. This is awarded to customers who have reached the highest tier in the program, which will be available for at least 12 months after the tier is earned.

However, the website doesn’t provide much information about the specifics. Currently, players can expect to earn four Tier Credits for every dollar spent on entertainment and non-gambling spending at the resorts.

Matching World of Hyatt

The Hyatt program has a reciprocal elite status with MGM Resorts / M Life Rewards. Both programs offer benefits such as free nights and other perks.

For the first time, members can now opt in for this match between the two programs. Members can access the MGM Rewards website to choose to match their World of Hyatt tier status. This is an easy process and requires no additional fees.

After the initial match is completed, you will receive a notification from M life. You can then click on the “Learn More” button. When the page opens, you will be able to see how many tier credits you need. Once you have the correct amount, you can complete the process.

In order to get the status match, you must have your MGM account linked to your Hyatt account. If you do not have an account, you will be required to register for one.

You can also use the mobile app to track your points. However, you will not be able to see your free nights until you book them.

Once you have completed the process, you will be able to use your MGM / Hyatt account to enjoy complimentary premium Internet, room upgrades, late check out, and more. You can also earn bonus points on eligible purchases.

You can also take advantage of World of Hyatt’s seasonal pricing. During off-peak seasons, award nights start at just 3,500 points. On the other hand, if you prefer peak season, award nights begin at 17,000 points.

Earning rates for gamers and non-gamers

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