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New Features in QuickBooks Premier Editions


QuickBooks Premier Editions 2015 are designed to be flexible and easy to use. Some features include Microsoft Excel integration and income tracking. The software can also be integrated with Outlook Express. The report center has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate. QuickBooks also features a new look that makes it easier to find information.

Microsoft Excel integration

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program, and it’s now available for quickbooks premier editions 2015 and 2016. This integration helps users create invoices, track expenses and make reports in just a few clicks. However, it has one major drawback: It’s not compatible with all versions of QuickBooks. If you’re running an older version of QuickBooks, make sure you’re running a 32-bit version of the software.

The QuickBooks Excel Add-In populates a new Excel sheet with live QuickBooks data. It also provides a convenient way to process data, create charts, and other visualizations. It’s great for mass imports, data cleansing and de-duplication, and Excel based data analysis.

If you have an older version of QuickBooks, you may experience some issues with the Excel integration. First, make sure that your Windows computer has the correct version of Excel. If the option is grayed out or unresponsive, you need to re-install the program. You can also try repairing or re-registering your Office Account.

Another notable feature of the new version is the addition of a “Favorites” menu on the left side of the screen. The menu can be customized by accountants, and customers can set up favorites and disable them. It is also possible to customize the settings for each user or company.

The latest versions of QuickBooks Premier editions 2015 integrate with Microsoft Excel. The Premier Contractors edition supports Job Cost by Vendor, Job Cost by Job Report, Cost to complete report, and emailing sales orders. These features enable contractors to set pricing by vendor and skill level. QuickBooks also offers integrated reporting and spreadsheet capabilities. It also has an integrated fixed asset tracker, which allows managers to record asset names, serial numbers, purchase date, and disposal date.

Improved income tracking

QuickBooks 2015 offers a new income tracker feature that is designed to help you better manage your cash flow. The new Income Tracker allows you to add time and expense transactions directly to the money bar. This helps you track how much time you have to bill and which projects have not yet been invoiced. You can also pin notes to help you track your expenses and time.

In addition to the advanced reporting options, you can create custom reports for your business. For example, you can filter your income by ‘this year’ or ‘last month’ to see which items have not yet been paid.’ In addition, the Homepage Insights feature lets you view all of your reminders and notifications in one window. You can even track package shipments with the help of this feature.

If you use QuickBooks for your business, you’ll be pleased to see this new feature. It makes it easier to understand your finances and keep track of every dollar. The new software also has a simpler user interface that allows you to customize and print reports. It also provides a more complete picture of your business’s performance and makes it easier to track everything from profit to loss to revenue to expenses. It also provides a comprehensive breakdown of your top customers. Improved Accountant Collaboration Tools are another great addition to QuickBooks 2015. With these tools, you can collaborate with your accountant on your business finances and save your company file on a shared drive.

QuickBooks 2015 offers a new free trial and many bug fixes. It also has hundreds of third-party integrations. However, you should check your system’s requirements before downloading the software.

Outlook and Outlook Express integration

Microsoft Outlook is an integral part of the Microsoft Office Suite and is widely used for various office tasks. Its user-friendly interface and remarkable characteristics have made it a popular e-mail program used by more than one million users worldwide. If you’re interested in using Outlook with QuickBooks, you can contact QuickBooks Integration Support for assistance. The company’s Certified ProAdvisors, who have decades of experience in the field, are highly knowledgeable and can help you integrate Outlook with QuickBooks.

The new version of QuickBooks allows you to send transactions via Outlook and Webmail. To do this, you need to set up an Outlook email profile. You can do so in the Edit menu. Newer versions of QuickBooks are also compatible with secure webmail, which helps you create a more secure connection to email. Once you have a webmail account, you can link it with your Intuit account.

Improved report center

One of the improvements in the new version of QuickBooks is the Improved report center. It allows you to easily create reports, and it allows you to view and change dates before running them. You can customize the report settings per user or company. It also includes a filter for Active or Inactive names, as well as the ability to view and track emails sent to customers.

The Improved report center will make it easier to view key information about your company. It has an updated look, and it now shows how many entries are on each tab. In addition, you can send multiple reports through email. There are also improvements in the income tracking feature. This feature will help you to view all income-producing transactions in one place. Another improvement is the Multi-User Admin feature. You can now terminate a user without losing data. The Insights tab on your Home Page will also allow you to view your business’s health.

Another major update to the Improved report center is improved readability. You will notice a cleaner look and more spacing between lines. Certain lines will now be highlighted in color. You can also now add comments to any line on any report. The names of the filter categories have been improved. Additionally, you can search for and type in filters. Furthermore, some reports let you specify the preferred vendor and delivery method.

The Improved report center has many new features. It includes the ability to set up the footer on the last page of an invoice, to see the total income for a client, and to export your reports to PDF format. It also includes new options to customize the headers and footer on forms. It also includes new functionality that allows you to search for specific values within a transaction.

Improved shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a powerful way to expedite the work process in QuickBooks. These shortcuts, which date back to the DOS days, can be used to navigate between screens and functions in the software. For example, pressing CTRL-F will summon a detailed find window, and CTRL-R will create the transaction register. Furthermore, these shortcuts are context-sensitive. For instance, hitting CTRL-Y will change the date to the current year.

The Income Tracker has a number of improvements. For instance, you can now sort your receipts by any column you choose. This is a useful feature for people who deal with a high volume of invoices. You can also sort invoices by customer name, reference number, and original amount. Another helpful shortcut is a button on the home page that lets you customize which accounts you want to monitor. It also lets you easily remove any accounts that you don’t want to monitor.

One other enhancement is the ability to switch between multiple windows. The new version of QuickBooks POS can support up to three monitors. You can also customize your workspace by using the Ctrl-Alt-M keyboard shortcut. To move a window to a different monitor, simply press the “Move Window to Next Monitor” button near the top of your screen. Alternatively, you can use the Windows menu or pull-down to select the window you want.

Intuit has spent several years enhancing the functionality of QuickBooks for small businesses. Every year, the software is updated to add more functionality. These tips will save you time and keystrokes.


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