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Top LGBT TikTok Accounts


Tiktok is the leading social network site for the LGBT community. It has been in existence for over a decade and is one of the largest and most popular sites on the internet. The service allows people to share photos, music, videos, and stories with other members. As of October 2017, there are over a million users on the site. There are also many different types of account available, including a free account and a premium account.

Khaby Lame

Khaby Lame is a TikTok creator with a huge following. He’s been referred to as the new king of TikTok. With over 149.5 million followers, Khaby Lame has become the world’s most followed creator. The 22-year-old Senegalese-born star has overtaken Charli D’Amelio as the most followed TikToker in the world.

Lame’s fame has grown rapidly in recent years, but he started out with nothing more than a smartphone and a pair of headphones. He began posting videos of himself dancing and doing comedy stunts. Soon, he was gaining fans and followers, and he found out about the popularity of TikTok.

Lame’s first video was viewed 17 million times. Since then, he’s released dozens of more elaborate video clips. He’s also signed a deal with Hugo Boss, which includes a multi-year ambassadorship. In the spring/summer of 2022, Lame will debut a special capsule collection with the designer.

Lame has a strong fan base in his home country of Senegal, as well as Brazil and Italy. He also has a large social media following across platforms including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. His TikTok videos are wordless, and feature his trademark ‘Are you kidding me?’ facial expression.

Lame’s videos are a blend of comedy and parody. They often contain a simple life-hack or trick, which he reacts to with a wide-eyed stare and a shrug. Sometimes he will act out the steps of a complex task in silence.

Lame’s videos have been praised for their ability to entertain. While Lame’s videos may lack the flashy dance moves and choreography of some of the more popular TikTokers, they’ve managed to catch on with viewers. Several of his fan compilations have reached over 10 million views on YouTube.

Lame’s goal is to become a major actor. He cites Eddie Murphy and Will Smith as his biggest inspirations. One day, he hopes to work with Smith and make a big-screen appearance.

Lame joined the TikTok app during the height of the pandemic, and his videos have become a hit. Although he doesn’t have a high-quality camera, his video’s are usually realistic, and don’t include color filters or other intoxicating transition skills.

Lame has also worked with other creators, such as Noah Glenn Carter. A video posted by Carter, urging people to follow Lame, received millions of views. Lame’s videos have also been featured in the #BeYourOwnBoss campaign.

Despite the fact that he has a sizable following, Lame isn’t afraid to admit that he’s not quite where he wants to be. He’s still on his way to $10 million per year in 2022.

Unlike most TikTokers, Lame isn’t relying on the algorithm to drive his popularity. Instead, he’s taking advantage of his innate ability to create content that resonates with the audience.

Dixie D’Amelio

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to post short video clips. Many celebrities, including Dixie D’Amelio, have a huge following on the site. Some TikTok accounts are a crossover from A-list Hollywood, while others are owned by people from all over the world. Whether you are looking to create a video or just learn some dance moves, TikTok has a little something for everyone.

Several D’Amelios have appeared in popular television shows and movies, and the family has been featured on numerous fashion lines. They have also created their own clothing line, Social Tourist. These products are sold in stores such as Hollister. In addition to their clothing line, Charli and Dixie have signed brand deals with makeup companies like Morphe and Valentino. Their sister has a brand deal with Dunkin Donuts and the Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson.

In 2021, Charli earned $17.5 million and Dixie earned $10 million. The siblings ranked in the top five highest paid TikTok content creators. Those two earned more than Exxon Mobil CEO Darren Woods, who made $15.6 million in 2020.

In June of 2022, Charli and Dixie ranked in the top five TikTok stars. That’s not all, though. As the year went on, they slid to fifth. However, they still made more money than Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, who made $9.2 million in 2021.

While Dixie and Charli may be the most recognized TikTok stars, they aren’t the only ones making money on the app. Addison Rae is another TikTok star who has a massive following. She has over 86 million followers and earned $8.5 million in 2021.

Addison’s videos are mostly dance choreography videos. She collaborates with other TikTok stars, such as Noah Schnapp and Marshmello. Her captions are optimized with hashtags to increase reach. For example, her video of Bebe Rexha is one of the most popular songs on the platform, with 90 million streams on Spotify. Rae’s dance videos are a big hit on YouTube as well.

Dixie’s videos are usually lighthearted and fun. Often, she will share photos of herself and her friends. Besides creating her own TikTok videos, she is also a singer. She has released a single, called “Be Happy.”

With such a large following, it’s no surprise that the D’Amelios have been able to secure several brand deals. Their sister, Dixie, has signed a deal with Puma. Dixie and her sister also co-host their own social media show on TikTok. They have a reality television show on Hulu as well. Eventually, the D’Amelios plan to expand their empire beyond TikTok.Eventually, they will create their own brands in various industries.

With their new venture, the D’Amelio family is taking a big step towards their dream of bringing the famous to the product development process. By launching D’Amelio Brands, the siblings aim to create new brands that can help the creator economy thrive.

Loren Gray

Loren Gray is one of the top accounts on TikTok. She has a net worth of over $5 million and she is the first person to have 40 million followers. It is expected that her net worth will reach $30 million in the next three years.

Loren Gray Beech was born on April 19, 2002, in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. She moved to Los Angeles when she was eight years old with her mother. She is a singer and social media personality. Her biggest social media accounts are on Instagram and TikTok.

Before social media, Loren was bullied at school. When she was in the eighth grade, she dropped out of school. Then she found a way to fight back. At age 18, Loren became a TikToker. Since then, she has become one of the top users on TikTok and earned over $5 million from the app in the last year.

Loren has an estimated net worth of $19 million. Her earnings come from TikTok and her music. Additionally, she has landed deals with brands like Revlon, Skechers, and Burger King. Some of her songs have over 13 million views on YouTube.

Loren started out by posting videos of herself singing. She also posted videos of her choreographies and duets. This enabled her to build an audience. She eventually moved to Los Angeles, where she became signed with Virgin Records.

Loren was one of the first adopters of TikTok. Her videos have over 46 million lifetime views. In March 2020, she was surpassed by Charli D’Amelio as the most followed TikTok user. However, she has since lost that position.

After joining TikTok, Gray has signed many brand deals. For example, she has a jewelry brand called And Always, and she has a jewelry line named Starlet Mirror Edition. She has two Instagram accounts.

The main Instagram account has over 22 million followers. In addition, she has a backup account with 4.4 million followers. As of February 2020, she has over 100 million total views. Among her other social media accounts, she has an Instagram account for her pet Pomeranians, Angel and Smudge.

Loren’s music videos are heavy on production. They include voiceovers and paid ads. These videos are also vertical. One of the first songs she uploaded was “My Story” in August 2018. This song has over 13 million views on YouTube.

The popularity of Loren’s videos has led to her gaining a large following on other platforms. She is active on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. While she has a lot of followers on TikTok, her primary focus is on these other social media platforms.

Loren has been accused of being fake on social media. However, she wants fans to see her as a real person.


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